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CoDesk Venture was found in 2018 to offer following service of activities to private and public sector organizations. Every expert builds long-lasting relationships based on integrity, trust and mutual respect. We are particularly focused on ensuring that our work and business growth benefits the countries in which we work.

CoDesk Venture undertake, engage, promote, provide deliver & impart management system assessments & certification. Including Quality Management System Standard. Environmental Management System Standard assessment & Certification. Assessment & Certification to Automotive Supplier. Product assessment. Inspection and Certification. HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points). Certification to Food Standards. Health & Safety Management System Assessment & Certification. IT enabled & Information Security Management System Assessment & Certification. Product Inspection, Testing & Certification and related Assessment & Certification Services

We carry on the business of Online Application Processing, IT Consultancy, IT/IT Enabled Services and ISO Consultant Services to clients. In The Areas of Registrar and Transfer for Document Management System. Including Scanning, Digitalization and Online Application Processing. And Other Plastic/Smart Card Based Solutions. Website Hosting, Web Design, Web Development and Maintenance. Of Web Based, Web Enabled and Client Server Software Applications. Along with all other allied support services in pertinent to the aforementioned services.


  • Absolute integrity.
  • Quality client service above all else.
  • Care and respect for individuals.
  • Excellence in all undertakings.
  • Continuous improvement.


To be the preferred and leading management consultancy in our selected service niches in both the public and private sectors.


CoDesk Venture will build its preferred service provider status by building relationships with clients and partners that are base on mutual trust and respect. The firm will continuously improve its client service approach to remain relevant and to maximize value creation for clients and partners. CoDesk Venture is commit to consistently providing services of the highest quality.


  • We think positively
  • It is our business to create and share value
  • All of us are bold and brave
  • We do not do tomorrow what we could have done yesterday
  • We escalate solutions, never problems
  • Good is never good enough
  • Everyone moves with speed and when in doubt if we are moving fast, we move event faster
  • Each one believe that no great business was build working Monday to Friday with a one-hour lunch break
  • Each person talk less and deliver more
  • Every person do not ask for permission, we ask for forgiveness
  • No one not send an email when a conversation will do
  • All and sundry think big, enjoy ourselves, learn and teach
  • One and all make decisions
  • All Staff get it done!
  • We think!

CoDesk Venture team particularly focused on ensuring that our work and the development of our business. Benefits the countries in which we work. In addition, we have a strategy and client service philosophy that ensures that our clients receive high quality service delivery.

The firm applies modern techniques to realize its goals both in the Public and the Private Sectors. The firm’s objective is to utilize and provide a high standard, modern and cost-effective professional expertise. To its clients by helping them achieve their own development goals efficiently and economically.


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